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Keyworld Marketing was founded with the aim of being more than just a marketing, translation or data protection agency. These individual agencies already exist. Keyworld Marketing was created with the innovative idea of offering several services in different packages adapted to the needs of modern companies. We live in a constantly changing world in which the digital has long since caught up with the analogue. Therefore, it is very important companies and institutions follow this trend, especially in terms of their online presence. But how does Keyworld Marketing differ from what has been done so far? Quite simply: we have the current trends, the time we live in and the market analysed. We have come to the conclusion that companies turn to external service providers for marketing, data protection or translation activities. So why not find everything from one provider, in the form of a monthly subscription? What do the combined packages consist of? We have analysed the needs of the companies and decided to develop packages that meet these needs. On this page, you will find three packages that are perfectly tailored to the needs of small, medium and large companies. All packages include translations into at least two languages, digital marketing and data protection. Translations If you are thinking about selling or expanding your products or services abroad, we are the perfect partner for you. Our team consists of experienced native-speaker translators for Spanish, Italian, French, German and English. The fact that our translators are native speakers is not just a guarantee of quality. This also ensures that any texts are adapted to the language-specific needs of the target country so that your company can position itself better and faster abroad. To this end, we draw up an individual plan for your company and accompany you on your way to international success. But why not contact a translation agency directly? It is very important that the text is not only correctly translated into the target language, but that the ideas conveyed by it also reach the target group. This is why our team does not consist of “normal” translators, but of translators who apply SEO strategies when creating the target texts. International Online Marketing In addition to translations, international online marketing is one of our areas of expertise. We are specialists for SEO/SEA at Google, we know the algorithm of Casinni at eBay or the algorithm of Amazon at product positioning. What’s in it for your company? Imagine you have a shoe shop and want to sell not only at home, but also abroad. With our Silver package, we translate up to 50 different types of shoes, place them on Amazon and help you manage your website so that it can be found from anywhere. Want to expand your business even further? The Gold and Premium packages adapt and grow with your business. Data protection for free in the packages? Unbelievable but true: We offer different levels of data protection free of charge in all our packages. We can also help you deal with regulatory authorities, support you with best practices, analyze your business, conduct audits and more. * Conditions according to the chosen package. For annual subscriptions only. What are the benefits of packages? If we haven’t convinced you yet, the following information will surely help you: You don’t have to hire new employees if you want to expand your business. With us, you get the output of four professionals for less than half the price of one. You don’t have to worry about sales abroad, we take care of everything. You can unsubscribe at any time. You can choose between an annual subscription (1-2 free months included*) or a monthly subscription. * Conditions apply to the Gold (1 month free) and Platinum (2 months free) packages.


Máximo Uribarri

Director / CEO

  • SEO/SEA Expert
  • Amazon Account Manager
  • Professional Data Protection officer 
maximo uribarri